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A modern approach for people seeking efficient, science-based therapies that tap into the body's inner wisdom to heal.

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Laura Adams

Kristin Wright

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Kristin Wright

Interested in clearing the mental clutter that is not serving you?

Kristin specializes in Mental-Clutter Burnout, the state of mind resulting from too ​much time spent fighting against negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about what ​you're capable of.

If you're experiencing a mismatch between the thoughts and attitudes you want to ​have about life, relationships, and yourself, it's time to "clean house" and gain the ​mental strength and flexibility to handle life's challenges.

Kristin uses somatic therapies like EMDR, Brainspotting, and Neurofeedback that ​cause deep neural network change so that patterns of automatic thoughts and ​behaviors no longer run in maladaptive ways, foiling your good intentions and life ​goals.

She absolutely loves seeing real transformation happen through partnering with ​clients in strengthening positive healthy patterns and clearing out what's unhelpful.

Kristin's fee is $140 per therapuetic session (55 minutes). She accepts cash or ​credit card at time of service. She also accepts Blue Cross of Idaho insurance and ​can provide documentation for clients who wish to seek reimbursement from other ​insurance providers.

If you’re interested in seeing what changes are possible with this approach, contact ​Kristin to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation now.

Licensed Professional Counselor

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Laura Adams

Licensed Professional Counselor

Laura’s focus is providing a dedicated, safe space for women seeking support through life transitions. Transitions, whether they are welcomed or unexpected, are opportunities for reflection, for discovering a new authentic sense of self, and for challenging internal belief systems that often make change feel overwhelming or unbearable. Laura’s primary goal is to help clients find a renewed sense of purpose, balance, energy, and self-confidence.

Laura supports clients' journeys by using an eclectic and holistic approach of EMDR therapy, attachment focused therapy, and somatic psychology. She partners with clients in discovering how their past has shaped their present, and how recognizing and reshaping their current internal responses creates lasting health and healing.

Life changes can be incredibly difficult to navigate, but they can also become opportunities for immense growth and self-discovery. If you would like to leverage this time in your life to redefine who you are in your relationships with yourself and others, Laura would be honored to partner with you.

Teletherapy video sessions are available to residents of Idaho who may not be able to attend in-person sessions.

Laura’s rate is $150* per therapeutic hour (55-minutes), and a limited number of sliding scale options are available.

*Laura accepts Blue Cross of Idaho insurance. For clients who wish to seek reimbursement from other insurance companies, she can provide a “super-bill” statement.

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation - connect, ask questions, and decide if Laura would be a good fit for you.

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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

EMDR is an effective treatment for reprocessing memories that negatively affect a person's day-to-day functioning. In the safety of a therapeutic relationship, client and therapist explore the negative beliefs that are blocking personal goals. These memories may be conscious or beyond our awareness. It is an appropriate approach to try when a person finds themselves feeling or acting in ways counter to what they want to feel or know they should act.

EMDR is a trama-focused approach to treatment. Trauma can be experienced any time we feel that we don’t have the internal or external resources to keep ourselves or our loved ones safe, any time we feel overwhelmed by the situation in which we find ourselves. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. With this encompassing view of trauma, we recognize that we all may have trauma to resolve.

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Brainspotting is a powerful therapeutic intervention that derived from EMDR (see above). We’ve learned that where we look affects how we feel. This gives us access to accelerated healing. During a brainspotting session, a therapist guides the client to curiously notice body sensations, thoughts, images, and memories associated with a troubling issue. By compassionately accepting these experiences in a safe space, clients thoroughly process, and lay to rest, troubling worries, fears, and limiting beliefs related to past trauma.

Some experiences we look back on is clearly trauma and can easily be labeled as such. Other experiences that we don't think of as trauma could be negatively affecting our current state. We may or may not be aware of the connection. The beauty of Brainspotting is that we don't have to know how our past experiences are related in order to benefit from healing them.

Have more questions about Brainspotting, reach out to Kristin at or book a call with her now (below).

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Neurofeedback Training

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Our NeurOptimal® brain training systems offer neurofeedback that is safe and accessible for anyone looking for that extra edge to optimize their brain function. We exercise our brain with neurofeedback to be more flexible, resilient, and in control.

Today’s world requires a tiring diligence to do life well. Demands from work, family, social obligations and our community leave limited time to slow down and enjoy the ride. When the everpresent distractions from technology and social media are added, moments of clarity and contentment can seem elusive.

Changes like waking up earlier, more coffee, cold showers, or a new planner can help, yet our brains remain reactive instead of settling in on our good intentions. Our world trains us to crave distraction.

NeurOptimal® is an advanced neurotechnology designed to train the brain to function at peak performance levels. This innovative form of neurofeedback is not a medical treatment, but rather a training for the brain.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training gives your brain the strength to stay on track with more ease, whether that’s keeping the family’s appoinments straight, bringing creativity to your work, or staying focused on your postive intentions, it gives you the power to live life focused on your values, not what the world doles out to you.

It doesn’t matter what your starting point is — EVERY brain can benefit and tap into its own unique optimal state.

Research on the effects of Neurofeedback Training with Neuroptimal®

Neuroptimal® Brain Training has been known to help with hundreds of symptoms. Below is data comparing popular medications to effects of completing 20 or more neurofeedback sessions. If you’d like to see data on your specific symptoms, email or book a consultation and free demo.

FAQs about Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback








How Does it Work?

What is Neuroptimal® for?

When your brain gets the right information (or feedback), it is able to organize itself, allowing patterns that may impede optimal functioning to dissolve. Signs of suboptimal brain performance may feel like being off or not reaching your full potential. Reflecting on obstacles that hinder your personal fulfillment is crucial, as these may require external resources to overcome.

Have you encountered moments when you felt highly focused, even invincible or untouchable, operating at your mental peak? Or experienced clarity, poise, and a profound sense of being in the present? Perhaps moments of warmth, safety, connection, and love. These instances signify a well-organized brain, a flexible central nervous system (CNS), and the immediate benefits derived from such states.

Engaging with NeurOptimal® is akin to defragmenting your mental hard drive, making it easier to overcome obstacles and access your optimal mental state. Barriers dissolve, and life begins to flow more effortlessly.

Irrespective of your starting point, every brain has a unique potential, a personalized level of optimal flow and function. Whether you're a high-performing athlete, an artist, or facing challenges in relationships or academics, with the right information, each brain can unveil its highest potential.

Whether you seek personal or spiritual growth, desire an edge for exams or performances, or simply aim to organize your life, we believe that NeurOptimal® can assist you in achieving these aspirations.

Embrace the opportunity to become your best self. The time is now.

Who can benefit from Neuroptimal® brain training?

People often inquire, "Who can benefit from utilizing NeurOptimal®?" The response is straightforward: "Anyone with a brain." This is because there are no specific criteria dictating eligibility for NeurOptimal® use. It caters to a wide spectrum of individuals, from toddlers to the elderly, encompassing both the unwell and the healthy, those not performing optimally to those excelling in their endeavors.

The beauty of NeurOptimal® lies in its inclusivity; there are no circumstances that restrict its application, and no prerequisites need to be met. Utilizing NeurOptimal® requires no expertise – simply connect sensors, and you're ready to go.

With each use of NeurOptimal®, your brain instantly receives real-time information about its activities, microsecond by microsecond. It adapts to your current state, requiring no upfront evaluation, decision-making, or adjustments to settings. There's no need to worry about making mistakes, and overtraining is not a concern. If your brain feels fatigued, it effortlessly disregards the information, much like ignoring a background television. It is a safe and effective tool.

In essence, NeurOptimal® is accessible to anybody, anywhere, at any time.

How does Neuroptimal® work?

NeurOptimal® involves providing your brain with information about its activities, enabling it to self-organize effortlessly. But how exactly does this process unfold?

In a NeurOptimal® session, you'll wear ear clips and two small sensors on the sides of your head, which delicately capture the electrical activity of your brain. As you relax with closed eyes, engrossed in music or a movie, NeurOptimal® swiftly processes your brain signals. When it detects any hint of instability, the music or movie pauses briefly – a crucial moment in the feedback loop.

Consciously, these pauses might go unnoticed, lacking apparent meaning. Yet, subconsciously, your brain grasps the mathematical patterns in the timing of these pauses, functioning akin to a "rumble strip." Without any conscious effort on your part (you can even be completely zoned out), your brain adjusts its activity to stay within this metaphorical rumble strip. It's comparable to walking along a cliffside path in the dark, where a flashlight reveals the edge. The flashlight doesn't instruct you on what to do, but armed with the extra information (the cliff's location), you can confidently navigate your path.

Over time, your brain learns from this feedback, autonomously organizing itself more efficiently. The result? Blocks in your life start to dissolve, and everything seems more manageable.

NeurOptimal® thrives on simplicity, yet its power is profound. By establishing direct communication with your brain, it operates without external interference. No external evaluator or diagnostician is needed, and there's no external influence dictating your training. It's your brain engaging in effective self-communication, bringing about its own transformative changes.

Your brain truly has the wisdom to optimize. Neuroptimal® merely shows it what it’s doing.

How Does it Work?

Do Results Last?

Engaging in NeurOptimal® sessions is akin to effortlessly acquiring a new skill, like learning to read, without the associated hard work! Once you've experienced it, the knowledge sticks with you – it's enduring. Yet, if life keeps you away for an extended period, you might feel a bit rusty. The beauty is, jumping back into a few sessions swiftly brings you up to speed, and you're back on track!

Think of NeurOptimal® as a valuable skill in your back pocket after around 20 sessions. However, life's unexpected twists may throw you off balance, and that's where a session or two (or three) can efficiently guide you back. The flexibility is yours – you can pause training at any time and seamlessly resume later. It's all about your preferences.

The enduring benefits of NeurOptimal® stay with you, and when life throws unexpected challenges, a few sessions can swiftly guide you back to your center.

Is NeurOptimal safe?

NeurOptimal® stands out for its exceptional safety, and here's why.

During a NeurOptimal® session, you may notice brief micro-pauses in the sound. However, once you settle into the session, these pauses become inconspicuous. This is the only feedback your brain receives.

But there's more to NeurOptimal®'s safety. Unlike other systems, NeurOptimal® doesn't train specific states of consciousness or attempt to influence outcomes. Instead, it provides your brain with mathematical information (in the form of skips), leaving it entirely up to your brain to utilize or disregard this data as it sees fit. This unique approach makes NeurOptimal® an extraordinarily safe tool for self-optimization. The evidence speaks for itself – with over three million hours of safe usage worldwide, as indicated by extensive user surveys, and this number continues to grow exponentially.

Consider joining the NeurOptimal® community. It has the potential to unlock your personal, social, spiritual, physical performance, or academic capabilities. With little to lose and possibly much to gain, NeurOptimal® offers a secure path to self-improvement!

Nuerofeedback Rentals

Pricing valid through February 29, 2024

Included in all rental packages is shipment to your door as well as return shipping, written instructions, and video tutorials. We also provide phone and zoom support 7 days a week.

Note: As you plan for your rental, keep in mind that most people need 20-40 sessions to observe their clear result. Some people need more than 40. Some people do beautifully with less than 20. But don’t limit yourself to these numbers. They are only averages. Your journey is unique to you, and there is currently no way to predict what you will need and want. There is no plateau using Neuroptimal equipment, so the more you train, the more you continue to progress.


12 sessions for $600; equates to $50 each session; additional sessions within the 4 week rental billed at $25 each. Recommended for a slow and steady pace when only one individual is training.


22 sessions for $770; equates to $35 each session; additional sessions within the 4 week rental billed at $25 each. Recommended for a slow and steady pace when one or two individuals are training.


Unlimited sessions $900 for 4 weeks. Recommended when multiple family members will be training.


Unlimited sessions for 6 weeks

This plan works best for individuals or families who need a little extra time to fit sessions into their



Unlimited sessions for 8 weeks

This plan is for individuals or families who want to get as many sessions in as they can or who need as

much time as possible to train self or multiple family members.

When you are ready to get started, reach out to us, and we will send you a link to a private portal where

you can access the Informed Consent, the Rental Contract, and two Assessment forms.

Nuero at Work


  • Free 33-minute brain-training sessions for up to 2 people, education about the brain training system and its potential to improve workplace well-being and productivity.


  • Free 33-minute sessions for up to 2 more people
  • A self-empowering training about ways to recognize nervous-system states and self-regulate to improve overall well-being, relationships, and goal achievement--with or without neurofeedback.
  • Education about how the neurofeedback brain-training can optimize brain/nervous-system functioning to improve mood regulation, focus/attention, creativity, energy, and more.
  • Assess employee interest and potential commitment to brain training. This will help decision-makers determine if this program will be helpful and appreciated by their team.


SCHEDULE A TECH - Pricing Below*

  • Participants schedule 33-minute training sessions in the workplace. Twice a week, a tech will come to facilitate training sessions.
  • Workplace sessions are convenient and efficient because they can be done while a person continues their work. Though you may choose to relax or take a break during the session, the only limitation is that you keep the sensors on the head and ears while connected to the system. Computer work is easy to continue during a session. The costs below are discounted from in-office sessions which purchased individually are $100/session.
  • Cost will be dependent on volume and can be passed on to the end-users or shared by the company.

50 sessions: $65/session* (ie. 5 people committing to 10 sessions)

100 sessions: $56/session* (ie. 5 people committing to 20 sessions; 10 people committing to 10)

200 sessions: $47/session* (ie. 10 people committing to 20 sessions/ 20 people committing to 10)

RENTAL OPTION - $990/month*

  • This option includes one training session about how to use the equipment. Demo videos and tech support offered throughout the month.
  • Benefits: system can be used unlimited times throughout the month. Much more flexible schedule for all team members. Employers can pass on the cost by collecting payment from team members.
  • Risk: One person must sign a rental agreement and be liable for loss or damage to equipment. This is rare, but should be considered.

PURCHASE A SYSTEM - $10,495 (financing available)

  • This option is for those who know they want to offer this benefit to their employees, long-term. Most people observe their clear results after 20-40 sessions. Changes to the nervous system are permanent though many people find benefit in refresher sessions every so often after the initial training. This might be once or twice a year, or once a month, depending on the individual preference and what extrinsic stressors the person is experiencing.

*10% discount is available for companies willing to participate in pilot study to assess effects. We'll be tracking individual symptoms and stress levels, as well as company success metrics. For this option, companies must sign up in January or February of 2024. Prices valid through February 29, 2024.

Enjoy a discount when you book with a friend.

Whether it’s your first time or you know you love it, you can enjoy a discount when you book with another person and train at the same time.

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1414 W Franklin St, Boise, ID 83702